eSeuranta Tracking Service

With the Image Wear eSeuranta service, you know exactly who is using work clothes.

eSeuranta Tracking Service keeps workwear under control 

Are you worried about the logistics and tracking of workwear? eSeuranta is a service based on RFID technology, which enables you to track the last location of your workwear and you can view the life cycle of each garment of your workwear.

What is RFID technology? 

RFID means radio frequency identification. Image Wear eTracking is based on a passive RFID identification tag, UHF, i.e. ultra high radio frequency, and a reading device. The reading device identifies the individual RFID tags, allowing the information related to those tags to be read on a computer or mobile phone. A passive tag means that the tag itself contains no information and no information is transferred without a reading device. Each tag has its own unique code, which the reading device identifies and associates the product in question with the correct information in eSeuranta. 

How eSeuranta works?

When you acquire workwear and the eSeuranta Tracking Service, an RFID tag is attached to the workwear and linked to your company and, if desired, also to the employee wearing the workwear in question. The employee starts to use the garment. With the help of the RFID tag, you can follow the life cycle of the garment and know, when the garment is in use, in the laundry or waiting for the next use, for example. 


Benefits and advantages of eSeuranta 

Up-to-date information about workwear 

eSeuranta gives you the knowledge of where your work garments are, who has them and how many items. Workwear is better managed and less capital is tied up in workwear. 

Clear savings 

If you can track the use of workwear, no clothes will lie around unused. 

Information for workwear acquisition 

With eSeuranta, you can monitor the life cycle of workwear - have information about the duration and useful life of workwear. 

Sustainability and eco-friendliness 

You can optimize the use of workwear, utilizing the information you receive. Image Wear also helps to recycle workwear that is at the end of its life cycle. 

Safer workdays 

With the help of eSeuranta you can make sure that your employees have workwear and protective equipment with the safety level required for their tasks. 

Efficient use of workwear. We put your workwear into rotation!  

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