Cireco Finland

Cireco Finland

Cliff® benches to Tehdassaari in Nokia 

Cireco Finland Oy, a builder of circular economy environments, has brought Cliff® benches of recycled composite to Tehdassaari in Nokia for the joy of the visitors of the area. 

The idea was born while walking a dog 

The idea arose when Perttu Ketola, CEO of Cireco, came across Cliff® benches while jogging with his dog near the carpet cleaning site in Pispala and immediately fell in love with their concept - discarded workwear, which had been waste, have now been utilized and given a new life in weather-resistant benches. Emissions are reduced when old textiles are processed into new products instead of using virgin materials. There should be more places, where similar ideas are put to practice. 

The common goal is to promote circular economy 

Perttu wished to know, if similar benches could be introduced in Tehdassaari, where Cireco is developing a modern centre of circular economy. He made inquiries about the manufacturer of the benches and contacted the Corporate Responsibility Officer of Image Wear Kati Tukiainen, who was enthusiastic about the Tehdassaari project and cooperation. "We expect that various circular economy operators in various roles will be involved in the project, and the benches were a good start of cooperation involving Image Wear. This opens up an opportunity for more extensive cooperation, since we are in the construction business and workwear will be needed in the future as well," says Ketola. In Tehdassaari, the benches are perfect, because these are circular economy products that reduce emissions and the island is an excellent showcasing site, where good solutions from other operators could be highlighted as well. 

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Nice places for visitors of Tehdassaari to sit down and take a break  

A total of three benches were brought to Tehdassaari in early January 2022. One of the benches is in front of the factory estate, in a central location near Nokianvirta. The other two benches will be installed in spring. In Tehdassaari, as soon as the snow has melted, the benches can be put to use in the best places. In the coming summer, the plan is to create nice places for the visitors of Tehdassaari to sit down and enjoy the nearby watercourse and historical environment. Some have already tested the first bench and found it very comfortable.