eSovitus Digital fitting tool

We offer for client's own products an eWear online store, which includes the eSovitus Digital fitting tool service. 

Fitting of clothes is now easy and can be done remotely

The Finnish have increasingly more switched to remote work. Now it is also possible to fit workwear remotely with the help of a digital fitting service. The application makes it easier to order clothes in the right size, reduces the transportation of products ordered in the wrong size, while saving both the environment and working time. There is no need for special fitting sets, because the application suggests the correct product size. 

What is the application?

eSovitus of Image Wear is a digital remote fitting service, which gives a personal size suggestion. The suggestion is based on precise personal measurements and the measurements specified for the product. You no longer need to ponder, whether a garment is the right size for you - eSovitus will do the assessment for you.

You can easily find the right size with the help of the service. You simply create a profile once, after which you will always get a size suggestion for Image Wear online store products, which have measurements entered into the program

Where can I find the application and is it secure? 

eSovitus can be downloaded to Android devices from the Google Play store and to iOS devices from the Apple App Store. 

The company can select either personal user credentials for all its employees or shared user credentials. Fitting can be performed completely anonymously, whereby person's name is not linked to size details.

eSovitus provides you with a personal size suggestion, which is based on photos taken with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Your device calculates the measurements and updates these anonymously in the cloud service. 

The application does not send your photos anywhere, and no one but the person taking the measurements can see the data. The photo is deleted after the dimensions have been approved. Photos are processed and invoices calculated on the mobile device (phone or tablet), which was used to take the images. Photos are not sent or stored anywhere at any time. 

The data is stored in the service, so after taking the measurements, you can use these repeatedly in the online store. If you do not wish the data to be stored, you can delete the data from the service at any time. 

How do I get my measurements? 

Put on slim-fitting clothes and leave your armpits bare. You get the best result by wearing your underwear. 

Using the front camera of your phone or tablet, take three photos according to the instructions (two selfies and one background picture). Clear voice instructions guide you. 

The mobile device calculates the exact circumference based on the two photos. Your personal size suggestion is formed based on the tallness information provided by you and the calculated circumferences. 

How do I get the size suggestion for a product in the eWear online store? 

Products, which are already covered with the eSovitus service, have a fitting link on the product page. By clicking on the fitting link, you will be guided to the service login and the suggested size of the product will be displayed to you. 

eSovitus how the customer checks their correct clothing size using the virtual fitting service.

You will see a size suggestion, which is based on your measurements. 

eSovitus size proposal as a result of a virtual fitting

If eSovitus suggests two different sizes, we recommend choosing the larger suggested size. 

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