Parempi työpäivä alkaa vaatekaapilta - Pue ittes mukavaks. Image Wearin työvaatteilla hyvää fiilistä joka tyypille.


    Work clothes from the kitchen through the lobby service to cleaning! Kitchen and cleaning work clothes require durability and washability as well as breathability. In these tasks, to create a Better Working Day, you also need comfortable, well-fitting work clothes that are the right size for the wearer. Some of the work tasks are performed in hot conditions where the work clothes are required to provide protection from, for example, hot grease and liquid splashes, hot plates or even the bite of frost in cold room work. Work clothes are also used for customer service tasks in cafes, restaurants, kitchens, so the color of the work clothes can reflect the company's image and brand.

    Restaurant, cafe, bakery, cafe, dome, bakery, patisserie, bar, bed&breakfast - You name it! We make work clothes, you make tasty treats!

    From us, you can get work clothes quickly and easily directly from the online store or from stores across the country - individually or for a large work group!