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Image Wear is a Finnish family business. We have manufactured workwear already since 1959. Operating on a family-owned basis from the start, our company has grown into a forerunner in the field, manufacturing almost 5000 different products and operating in several countries. The Image Wear group includes the parent company Image Wear Oy and the subsidiary Image Wear AS operating in Estonia. We employ directly almost 300 professionals in the field - around 120 in Finland and more than 150 in Estonia. 

However, we have not become the market leader by coincidence. We make sure our professionalism is top-of-the-art and we help our clients succeed. We are attentive to the world around us and utilize the latest textile and clothing technology for our clients. 

Since it is our job to help you improve your work, we are committed to being number one in the workwear industry. We invest in quality and sustainability - both in our products and operations. Our R&D unit in Tampere works closely with all our clients, because the users of our clothes know best, what is ultimately important in workwear. Our task is to listen to our clients and understand their everyday life. 

Vision and values

Our vision is to make workdays better for the users of our products and services as well as for the procurers of workwear, our partners and employees. And that is not all: we wish to bring better days and a better future for the entire planet. 

Our operations are guided by the values of responsibility, professionalism and development. 

Meillä Image Wearilla toimintaamme ohjaavat arvomme: vastuullisuus, ammattimaisuus ja kehittäminen. Visiomme on tehdä asiakkaillemme Parempia Työpäiviä!


Sustainability means for us a rewarding work, reliable partnerships and environmentally sustainable processes. The annual responsibility report shows our success. 

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We are professionals and proud of it. We know the industries. We will map the needs of your company together with you and find the matching solutions. 

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We innovate our products and services together with you. We develop our operations together with our employees for your future needs. 

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Image Wear
Over 60 years of Finnish family entrepreneurship

Image Wear is a Finnish family business with more than 60 years of tradition in the production of workwear. The roots of our company are in Laitosto founded by Eero Sarin in 1959. In 1987, Pekka and Auli Vettenranta bought the Laitosto business. The current name Image Wear Oy was introduced in 2006. The Vettenranta children, Kati and Janne, have continued the strong development of the operations along the path set by their parents, cherishing the family business as it truly deserves. 

Image Wear on suomalainen perheyritys, jonka omistavat Kati ja Janne Vettenranta. Kuvassa myös aiemmat omistajat Pekka ja Auli.
Karttakuva Image Wearin tuotantopaikoista Suomessa ja maailmalla.
This is where our products are manufactured

The map shows our production locations in various countries. The share of products from high-risk countries (China, India, Turkey and Pakistan) accounts for 31% of all manufactured products. The share in the total turnover is 8.17% (According to the Amfori BSCI risk country index, we consider countries with less than 60 points as risk countries. The data is based on the most recent classification published by the Amfori BSCI in December 2020.) 


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Nyt on aika tilata kesätyöntekijöiden vaatteet!

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Ihanat vauvan unipussit Image Wearilta!

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