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Flame-retardant and fire-resistant work clothes

    Fire-resistant work clothes are in daily use by many workers in the industrial sector. Protective clothing suitable for welders fulfills e.g. the requirements of the standard EN ISO 11611 and the electrician is protected by e.g. protective clothing according to standard EN ISO 11612 . All fire-resistant, heat-resistant and arc-resistant protective clothing we manufacture is certified. For example, protective clothing with the EN ISO 11612 mark protects e.g. from the heat and spray of sparks. Our fire-resistant products of the 464 material from the Multinorm collection also meet the EN 61482-2 standard, which protects against heat caused by electric arcs. The products of the 464 material use a fabric with a fire protection feature added to the fiber. The clothes of the Multinorm collection are designed to withstand demanding welding, flame cutting, hot and electrical work conditions. The fire-resistant properties are included in the structure of the fibers of the fabric material, thanks to which the protection is permanent.

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