Prints and embroidery

With heat-printed transfer labels, you can get your company's logo on products quickly and neatly.

Company logos - Let your company be seen!

Good-looking, branded work clothes with you company's logo are an important part of the brand and advertise your business every time they interact with customers or the public.

Our professional salespeople will help you find the most suitable logo technology for your company's clothing. They also know the possible product-specific restrictions affecting the logo marking.

We mainly use three techniques to mark logos:

Transfer markers affixed with heat press mark your logo neatly and permanently on work clothes.


Screen printing is an inexpensive method that is especially suitable for large quantities of 1- or 2-color printing. Read more about logo markings on work clothes using screen printing technology.


Thermal transfer printing, i.e. transfer image, is the best method for multi-colour printing. With the transfer label, even the smallest details are sharp on the clothes. If you contract for heat transfer labels, we can store the labels in stores and print them on the clothes you buy while you wait. With our printing, laundry labels can also be printed on clothes with a transfer image. Read more about labelling work clothes with heat transfer labels.


In Image Wear's own embroidery factory, your company's product can be named sustainably.

Embroidery, i.e. decorative stitching, is done with sewing thread, a very durable and high-quality method for marking clothes. It is possible to do embroidery directly on the product or on a loose tag sewn into the product. Read more about embroidery on work clothes.

We make all logos on our own premises in Tampere.

Please note, we print and embroider only on our own products, i.e. products manufactured or produced by Image Wear. 

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