Logos for work clothes - embroidery

With embroidery, i.e. decorative stitching, you can decorate clothes with, for example, company logos, texts and other patterns and decorations. Embroidery can be done, for example, on cut pieces of a textile product or directly on accessories. The embroidery factory can also make fabric tags to attach to many kinds of products.

Embroidery machines can be used to make logo marking on work clothes cleanly and quickly.

The embroidered logo gives the product a finished and high-quality impression. The embroideries are good-looking and durable, they retain both their color and shape in repeated washings. You can't embroider on waterproof clothes, because the embroidery needles make holes in the waterproof membrane of the clothes.

Embroidery can be done on a loose label or directly on the product. A loose tag always requires that it be attached to the product either by sewing or by a sticker. There are two types of embroidery at Image Wear: name brand and logo. The name badge has the name of the company and/or employee. The size of the nickname is always constant. The logo is always customer-specific, and its size varies. The place of the name tag and logo in the product is determined based on the wishes of the customer company, usually based on size and visibility.