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What is Key Flag Symbol?

There are two types of Key Flag Symbols: for products and for services. Key Flag Symbol for services can be recognized by the text "Finnish Service" added to the sign. In 2019, the Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag Symbol to Image Wear's Workwear Service as proof of the service produced and contribute to employment in Finland. The primary criterion for awarding the Key Flag Symbol is that the service is produced in Finland. A company applying for the Key Flag Symbol must also significant domestic ownership and the organisation's head office must be located in Finland.

Finnish Workwear Service - From Love to Finnish Work - Image Wear

We are at you service - work clothes, protective equipment and work shoes as well as related services

Let's go buy some work clothes and shoes. STOP. Do you know if there are any valid laws, requirements, standards or recommendations for the work clothes and footwear used in the job in question? Are they also functional and comfortable and good-looking? Stop by our store and find with our store staff the most suitable work clothes and work shoes for you.

With Image Wear, you get a Finnish workwear service. Our 17 stores serve you all over Finland.

Image Wear workwear service provides expert advice, e.g. regarding various outfits and clothing based on the company's risk mapping. Our sales managers are professionals in the field who received protective clothing specialist training (STYL). You can reach us in the store, by phone and email. You can also find the protective clothing standards for work clothes, and protection classes of safety and professional footwear on our website.

Image Wear offers information and guidance on the requirements for work clothes in different fields. Workwear service worth a key ticket just for your needs.

Our workwear stores provide various services e.g. fittings, tailoring, marking on garments, and foot scans. Image Wear has approximately 130 employees in Finland, so our company is a significant employer in the textile industry in Finland.

Fitting work clothes quickly and flexibly

Adjustment possible in stores. Leg and sleeve shortening and other workwear repair services under one roof. Workwear service for your company worth a key ticket.

Image Wear Workwear service stores also offer a fitting service. For larger quantities, our staff can organize fitting service at the agreed time, even on-site fitting at your own premises. Our staff also helps with measuring and purchasing special-sized products.

Workwear alterations and repair services 

Workwear service worth a key ticket with Image Wear - we edit and repair your work clothes to the right size and fit just for you.

In order for you to focus on your work and feel comfortable, work clothes must be the right size. At our own premises in Tampere, we make tailored work clothes as well as make alterations on work clothes and repair garments - e.g. shortening and lengthening of legs, hems or sleeves - and attach signs to work clothes.

A good working day is created by comfortable and functional work clothes and footwear

With the help of a foot scan, we find out which insoles are suitable for you, so that the work footwear could best support your well-being during the working day.

Functional work clothes are an important part of the working day, but remember your feet too. When the legs feel light, the whole body can cope better. In Image Wear stores, we provide foot scanning. The foot scan determines the dimensions of your feet, your arch type and pressure points in an instant. The scanner recommends the correct shoe size and the insole right for you. Our staff will help you find the right footwear for your feet, the right shoes for your activity, and individual special insoles that adapt to your foot's unique shape.

Work clothes that promote your company image

At Image Wear, we offer heat marking for clothes. Finnish workwear service. We have a key ticket.

You can also get workwear marking services from us. Work clothes are an important part of your company's brand. We print the logos, texts or images you need and print or embroider them on the garments you want.

Heat transfer technology enables multi-colour printing. All our stores have a thermal transfer printing machine, so you can get small quantities printed quickly as agreed. We print larger quantities in our printing house located in our logistics centre in Tampere.

Image Wear's own printing house can screen print products. Durable prints with professionalism. Workwear service worth a key ticket.

Silk-screen printing is a smart way to print your company's logo on work clothes. We print the logo either directly on the accessory or on a piece of fabric. Silk-screen printing is convenient and affordable, especially in large quantities, and - best of all - it is suitable for printing on almost all products. The printed logo is accurate and lasts a long time even in industrial washing. Located in our logistics centre in Tampere, our silk-screen printing service provides the printing you need quickly.

Finnish workwear service. We named the work clothes sustainably by embroidering. At best, the embroidery will last the entire life of the garment. - Image Wear

The employee's name and company logo on the work clothes make the clothes unique. High-quality embroidery is a sustainable choice. We make embroideries in-house in our embroidery department located in our logistics centre in Tampere. Embroidery can be done on a patch or directly on the garment.

We recycle work clothes for the next user

The Aarre service enables the recycling of work clothes within the company from one employee to another. The life cycle of work clothes is extended and the company generates savings. Image Wear's Aarre recycling service

Does your company have obsolete but still usable work clothes? Don't throw them away, but recycle them with our Aarre recycling service for the next employee. We store the clothes in our Tampere warehouse and they can be ordered again from there.

If your company's workwear needs vary and you need flexibility in purchasing workwear, you can rent workwear for your use from our Työvaatelainaamo Workwear Rental Service for a monthly fee. Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is an ecological and effortless operating model. By recycling clothes, their life span is extended, and you can get clothes for the exact time you need them.

In the Kierre® service, old work clothes are turned into composite products


Products made from the Kierre recycling composite of the Image Wear Cliff service are durable in use. Disused work clothes and recycled plastic have been used for their production.
In our Kierre® service, you can recycle work clothes that are at the end of their textile life as raw material for sustainable and recyclable Cliff composite products. 48% of the material for Cliff products is used work clothes and 48% is recycled plastic. The estimated lifespan of the products is about 50 years, and at the end of their life cycle they can be recycled into new products.


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