Product range

Spiral-recycled composite products from used work clothes.

Cliff® product range - ready products and tailored solutions 

Various products can be produced from the composite material and it can be used in replacement of wood, such as in outdoor furniture. The composite is well suited in the winter conditions of Finland: frost improves its impact resistance and the material maintains its flexibility even when frozen. 

The textile fibre improves the breaking strength of the material and the elongation is very small. Cliff® recycled composite is water-resistant, repels dirt and is durable even when buried in the ground. 

There are plenty of ready-made products in the product range, but tailored solutions are also possible.

Cliff® composite posts and boards

Cliff® product range includes various posts and boards. The material is easy to maintain – a simple wash is enough. It is easy to build objects such as terraces, fences or piers from composite boards. When building with composite boards, you can use the same tools as with regular boards. The material is easy to saw, drill, nail or carve. 

Cliff® furniture and flower boxes

Durable and long-lasting Cliff® furniture and flower boxes are the dream products of furniture maintenance personnel and gardeners. The products are easy to maintain. No need to oil or paint. A simple wash is enough. 

The range of Cliff® furniture includes various benches, tables and stools. Gardeners have a choice of flower pots and flower boxes. 

Producing composite camping table uses about 100kg of recycled textile.

Cliff® for street lamps and terraces

The range of Cliff® composite products includes posts, boards, furniture and flower boxes as well as other products. The stylish Cliff® cover for waste containers cleverly hides the waste container within its walls. If you do not wish to build a terrace from Cliff® composite boards yourself, ready-made terrace levels are also available. The sleek Cliff® street lamps are a durable, stylish and ecological choice for the illumination of yards and roads. 

Could not find suitable products? The composite material is easy to process, so it can be used to make various products. Ask more: kati.tukiainen(at)