Whistleblowing channel

On the Whistleblowing site, you can make a report about suspected misconduct by a company.

It is important to us that both staff and stakeholders can report any suspected wrongdoings. Therefore, we have implemented a whistleblowing channel on our website. Whistleblowing is an important part of our company's GRC i.e., governance, risk management and compliance. We have defined our ethical principles in our company's code of conduct, i.e., the principles of responsibility describing the operating methods to which we are committed. Read more here .

Our company's employees as well as external stakeholders can report suspected misconduct through the whistleblowing channel. Through the channel, you can express your concerns or doubts about something that violates the principles of good business practice, our values, ​​or our guidelines. We encourage our staff to discuss, for example, matters related to the employment relationship with their supervisor or HR. The whistleblowing channel enables anonymous reporting.

When to blow the whistle?

We are constantly gathering information about our environment. We interpret things and draw conclusions from them. Sometimes the conclusion is right, sometimes we misinterpret the situation. Always report honestly and in good faith. Do not make a report of misconduct with the intention of harming or without reason.

We hope that you will file the report under your own name. If you prefer, you can also report anonymously.

What is the misconduct to be reported?

Examples of misconducts that can be reported in the whistleblowing channel:

  • financial and tax abuses, fraud, and corruption
  • suspicion of giving or receiving bribes
  • jeopardizing consumer protection law
  • environmental violations such as chemical safety issues, endangering nuclear and radiation safety, and
  • serious data security or data protection violations.

Anyone who discovers breaches in the course of their work and reports them can receive the whistleblower protection referred to in the Whistleblower Act.

Handling of reports and whistleblower protection

We handle all reports carefully and confidentially and take the necessary measures. The system only stores the information you provide, not technical identifiers, such as the IP address. You will receive a personal code that allows you to return to see how the processing is progressing and to answer any questions that may have been addressed to you.

Read more about whistleblowing here .

Data deletion

Personal data in the register is kept confidential. Data is kept for only as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected and processed, or for as long as the law and the data retention requirements in accordance with the regulations so require.

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