Manufacturing of Cliff® products

Old workwear into recycled composite products 

Clothes delivered for recycling must be dry and contain nothing else, such as cardboard. Hospital textiles must be washed before delivery. The clothes are delivered to our recycling partner. The clothes are shredded, plastic and metal parts are removed for reuse, the shredded material is mixed with the shreds of recycled plastic and a binder, forming a granulate. Even as much as 96% of the materials used in the production is recycled material – 48% old textiles and 48% soft recycled plastic. 


The bench produced from Kirere recycled composite and plastic granules withstands time and wear - Image Wear


Granulates are used in making plastic composite products, which at the end of their life cycle can be recycled back into granulate and new products. During the recycling process it is calculated, how much water and carbon dioxide have been saved in comparison to production from virgin materials. 


To make the thread-recycling composite, the textile material is torn.