Quality assurance - Customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility go hand in hand

Image Wear quality assurance and product development

The longest possible life cycle of work clothes is one of the biggest acts of environmental and responsibility. By doubling the lifetime of the garment, we reduce climate emissions by 40%.

Quality assurance is a key part of our operations, and we follow the ISO9001:2015 quality system. You can find our quality and environmental policy here . When choosing materials, we only use fabrics that comply with Oeko-Tex and REACH regulations, and when choosing new fabrics, we follow strict criteria and test models according to EN-ISO standards. All materials go through rigorous tests and must meet our own quality requirements as well as the requirements of the customer's specification.

For new products, the manufacturing site reviews the product before putting it into production. The materials are visually inspected when the fabric is varnished and, if necessary, the incorrect parts are removed before the fabric is cut. During production, each sewing worker is responsible for the quality of his own work, and any errors are corrected immediately.

Quality assurance procedures are strict at subcontracting locations, and each subcontracting location ensures quality based on instructions and sample pieces before sending the products to the warehouse. Our manufacturing experts and quality managers visit the production sites, if necessary, at the start of or during production to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. In large projects, if necessary, we use independent quality assurance companies to ensure high quality at all stages.