Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service

Työvaatelainaamo - Rental Service for work clohes.

Flexibility in workwear procurements 

Comfortable, good-looking workwear suitable for the job ensure a good and safe workday. Image Wear together with its partners offers a comprehensive set of services whereby products and services could be profiled to your specific needs. Our wide selection of high-quality workwear caters for almost all industries. 

Do not worry - we will take care 

Our motto is to make workdays better. This is why we strive to make the acquisition and maintenance of workwear as easy, flexible and smooth as possible. The need for workwear varies, and employees must be provided with clean and well-maintained workwear every workday. We have developed a Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service, which provides an ecological and cost-effective way to acquire workwear. 

What is the Workwear Lending Service? 

Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is a workwear rental model for everyone, who requires flexibility in their workwear acquisitions and whose needs for workwear vary. In the Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service, workwear circulates from one user to another, and everyone only has the number of garments they need at their disposal. The rental service ensures that well-maintained workwear gets a long service life. When the life cycle of a workwear garment is over, it will be used as raw material for a new material. Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is an easy and environmental-friendly way to ensure that you always have just the right quantity of garments in use. 

 Image Wear Työvaatelainamo We put your clothes in circulation, borrow clothes only for as long as you need them

How does the Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service works? 

Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service provides you with workwear for a monthly fee. We deliver the clothes you have ordered and you can use these for as long as you need. If a product wears out during the rental period, we will deliver a new product for a replacement. Each garment has a pre-set monthly fee. Payment is due for each rental month that has started. The clothes that are no longer needed are returned to us. After use, we wash and maintain the clothes and store these for the next user. 

A solution tailored to your needs 

We do not produce one-size-fits-all clothes, so why would we offer a rigid service model? Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is carefree and flexible. Through our partners you can order additional services for the clothing rental model, such as washing and maintenance services as well as delivery transportation. For your specific needs. 

Työvaatelainaamo - Rental Service provides clothes for different industries.

Why Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service - Benefits and advantages 

Workwear for the specific need 

The need for workwear can vary from one season to another, between work tasks or different projects. Predicting the workwear need can be difficult and time-consuming. Clothes, which are currently not in use, need maintenance and storage. With Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service, you use workwear only for the time you need and you can always get replacements as needed. After the return, we will maintain the product for a new round. This will save you both time and money. 

Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is a responsible alternative 

The need for clothes changes not only on account of seasons and projects, but also various holidays and days off. The Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service solves this problem as well. Workwear not needed by one user is used by others. 

Important for the environment 

Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is a responsible and environmental-friendly operating model. Through rotation, the useful life of the clothes is extended and only the necessary number of garments is used. 

We take care of the responsible disposal of workwear 

When workwear has reached the end of its life cycle, we recycle it into new material. 

No high initial costs  

With Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service, you avoid big investments. You do not need to buy clothes, but can rent these according to needs. 

No hidden costs 

There are many hidden costs related to the purchase, maintenance, upkeep and storage of workwear. The Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service includes all expenses and you can focus on your work duties instead of worrying about your workwear. 

Clothes suitable for the tasks of professionals 

Different tasks require different workwear. With Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service, you can rent clean and functional, good-looking clothes designed for professional use. 


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