Aarre Reuse Service

Image Wear eco-label printed on the t-shirt.

Aarre® Reuse Service - Same garment, several users

Usable workwear should not be discarded, but reused. With the Aarre reuse service, we help our clients send workwear into rotation from one employee to another. Clean clothes in good repair can be returned to us either through a collection point or through a laundry agreed with the client. We store the clothes in our Tampere warehouse. The clothes are entered in the warehouse stock balance of the ordering system and can be ordered again from there. In client orders, rotated workwear is always delivered first. Clothes in good repair are delivered to the client for reuse as long as the clothes still have years of use. 

The Aarre concept frees up the time, space and resources of the company for other activities. The aim is to extend the life cycle of workwear as far as possible. When a product has reached the end of its workwear life cycle, we offer responsible, environmental-friendly options for recycling the garment into a new product.