Recycling into textile products

Image Wear cooperation with Globe Hope, the transformation of the product into a new product.

From workwear into new textile products 

When a garment has worn out to the extent, where it can no longer be used as workwear, it is necessary to consider, how to prevent it from ending up as energy waste. Sometimes a client's collection includes products that cannot be reused by other users and are discarded. In these cases we try to find together with the client a new life for workwear that is at the end of its life cycle. The textile from recycled and surplus products can be utilized in new products without further processing. For example, a jacket can be turned into a bag and a cardigan into a beanie. 

A collaboration backpack with Globe Hope from drivers' old work jackets.

Cooperation of Image Wear and Globe Hope 

We cooperate among others with Globe Hope Oy, who manufactures clothes and accessories from recycled materials. Our cooperation is based on a shared world of values: both companies are committed to the principles of sustainable development in design and production, wish to provide their customers with ecological and sustainable alternatives while promoting environmental-friendly thinking. 

The business clients of Image Wear have the opportunity to put old workwear into use in recycled products. Image Wear delivers the workwear to Globe Hope, where the clothes are turned into the products desired by the client and then, for example, sells the manufactured products to the company for its own use or as presents to stakeholders. 

A bag made from used work clothes in collaboration between Image Wear and Globe Hope.

The cooperation started already in 2017 and in their first cooperation project, Globe Hope produced computer bags for the personnel of Image Wear, using surplus materials from Image Wear.