Clothes for summer employees

Work clothes for summer employees. T-shirts, overalls and flexible pants for kitchen, restaurant and cleaning work.
Summer always seems to be suddenly around the corner, so you should plan the purchase of clothes for summer employees in time. From Image Wear, you can get comfy and functional work clothes quickly and flexibly. Order from the online store, pick it up at the store or rent clothes from our Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service.

For the summer employee, a white t-shirt and a black apron. Work clothes for the kitchen and restaurant. Easy-to-maintain work clothes.

Functional work clothes for better working days

Good-looking, comfortable and functional work clothes are an important part of the working day. Work clothes designed for a job are often also a matter of occupational safety. Tested and appropriate work clothes meet hygiene and safety requirements and protect the employee from possible work hazards. A fitting and functional work outfit supports the work and makes the employee's everyday life easier. High-quality and branded work clothes support the company's image, the employee's professional identity and work comfort. An employee dressed in branded work clothes is the company's living business card.

Image Wear also offers logo printing

Your company's logo is an important part of the brand and advertises your company. From Image Wear, you can get logo printing on work clothes quickly and easily. In our logistics centre in Tampere, we do screen printing, heat transfer marks and embroidery.

Our professional salespeople will help you find the most suitable logo technology for your company's clothing. They know the possible product-specific restrictions affecting logo marking. Read more about logo markings here.

A turquoise unisex t-shirt and black flexible STIILI pants give you the freedom to work.

Flexibility for workwear purchases from Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service

The need for work clothes varies. Even for summer employees, clean and well-maintained work clothes must be ensured every working day. Image Wear's Työvaatelainaamo Rental Service is an ecological and cost-effective way to acquire work clothes.

You can use work clothes for a monthly fee. We deliver the clothes you ordered, and they are at your disposal for as long as you need. When the need for clothes ends, they are returned to us. Read more about Työvaatelainaamo rental Service here.

Ensure clean and functional work clothes for summer employees. Order clothes now.


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Better working days!