Logos for workwear - thermal transfer marks

The thermal transfer printing process enables multi-color printing. Thermal transfer prints are detailed and sharp, so even small details stand out clearly. We can print the logos, texts or images you need and print them on the products you want. A heat transfer label is a transfer image that is pressed onto the garment using compressed air, heat and time. Heat transfer technology is recommended for multi-color printing. Reflective signs can also be printed using thermal transfer technology.

Heat transfer printing Image Wear

The heat transfer label is best suited for unlined garments. When pressing on a lined product, the padding melts in the area to be pressed. Thermal transfer labels cannot be printed on woollen knits, beanies or products with Tyvek film. Traces of the heat transfer technology can also be left on fleece products.

The Thermopatch label is a thermal transfer label that can be printed with additional information required by the customer (e.g. laundry), such as name, department or size. The label is pressed into the accessory using compressed air, heat and time. It should be noted that the temperature used is high (210 degrees), so not all materials can withstand it. As a rule, the printed label is stamped on the inside of the garment. The logo cannot be printed on rainwear, microfibre fabric, mesh linings or technical fabrics.