City of Lahti

Kierre kierrätyskomposiitista valmistettu kestävä penkki Lahden koirapuistossa.

The first Cliff® benches in the city of Lahti were installed in a playground. With the positive experiences came the idea to renew the benches in the dog park as well. 

Cliff® benches to the environmental capital of 2021

When Lahti's environmental capital year 2021 approached, Image Wear's sales manager Elina Malkamäki decided to pick up the phone and invite Lahti's hortologist Kati Konivuoren to see the Cliff® recycling composite table at Image Wear's Lahti store. Kati was excited about the idea - the recycling theme of Cliff® furniture suited perfectly for the future environmental capital.

The first benches in the playground

Kati and Elina kicked off the bench project. The wooden benches in one of the playgrounds had suffered many times from vandalism. "When someone finally set the benches on fire, we realized that wooden benches do not last in this park. We decided to try the composite material for the new benches, as we had found it to be durable. In addition to durability, easy cleaning is another advantage: spray paint and stains can be easily removed from surfaces," says Kati. 

After a few messages, the suitable bench was found. The Cliff® benches came ready assembled, so installation was easy. The new benches have stayed intact and clean.  lahden-Kierre-penkki_600x600

Cliff® recycled composite benches also for dog walkers

With the positive experiences came the idea to renew the benches in the dog park as well. Wooden benches had a hard time as jumping platforms for excited dogs. The furry friends sometimes also try to sharpen their teeth on the corners of the benches. The legs of the benches are a "facebook", where the dogs leave messages for their pals. Since recycled composite is both durable and washable, it is a great alternative for dog parks. The material also withstands pressure washing. 

Playground benches are traditional benches with a backrest. For the dog park, benches without a backrest were chosen, where you can change the viewing direction and sit whichever way you want. It is nice to sit on a bench and watch the dogs happily frolicking.