Alko Laatutimantti 2020 award for Image Wear

Alkon Laatutimantti 2020 -palkinto Image Wearille

Alko Laatutimantti 2020 for Image Wear

Alko's Laatutimantti (Quality Diamond) award has been granted to Image Wear Oy. The award is based on several factors, including a deep understanding of Alko's business, its special features and needs, excellent delivery reliability, clear reporting, and a skilled and committed staff that prepares well for meetings, responds quickly, genuinely, and caringly to any complaints, actively and qualitatively develops operations, and eases the daily life of Alko's professionals. "We are happy and proud of the award we received. This is a significant and at the same time inspiring recognition of the continuous development of cooperation with Alko. Image Wear aims to provide better working days and make the everyday life easier for professionals. With Alko, we have developed a partnership where these goals are realized," says Janne Vettenranta, Key Account Manager and owner of Image Wear.

The award has been distributed since 2017

The Laatutimantti award has been given out since 2017, when Alko's service business introduced its own quality system. The goal is not only to monitor the performance of partners but also to improve service and customer experience, as good and functional cooperation is the enabler of world-class service.

In the annual Laatutimantti online survey, each partner is evaluated based on schedule and delivery reliability, quality and complaints, and cooperation development. The partner of the year is selected based on the average score of the feedback. Previous partners of the year are Imagon Oy (2017), Forssan Levy Oy (2018) and Puume Oy (2019),

Alko quality diamond award criteria for Image Wear

Common choices for the environment

Alko and Image Wear share a common desire to act as pioneers in sustainability. Alko appreciates Image Wear's commitment to sustainability and its ability to respond to changing user expectations. It is also important that workwear is durable, designed for as long a lifecycle as possible, and that a continuation of use is planned for clothes that are phased out. Image Wear and its partners offer a channel for utilizing discarded work clothes into new products or raw materials. Alko and Image Wear strive together to make smart choices for the environment.