The LANSSI collection for first aid and response and the AJO collection for personal transport now in the online store!

Lanssi-mallisto on suunniteltu varta vasten ensihoidon tehtävissä työskenteleville. Vaatteissa on suojaavuutta sekä hyvä liikkuvuus.

LANSSI and AJO work clothes designed in Finland are a responsible purchase. The products last a long time in use, and their life cycle has been carefully considered from start to finish.

LANSSI work clothes for first aid and response work even in hectic situations

First aid and first response jobs require creating an expert and safe impression even in hectic situations. High-quality work clothes made of durable top materials, designed to function, guarantee the best starting points for a successful working day.

The work clothes suitable for first aid tasks are designed in Finland.

The LANSSI collection offers first aid and response work clothes for both outdoor and indoor work, and it is now also available directly in our online store. Designed in Finland, LANSSI is a responsible purchase: durable products will remain in use for a long time if properly maintained. The collection is designed for different color codes for reflectors and signs. It also supports different identifiers and the use of technical aids. LANSSI clothing meets safety standards and protects against e.g. wind, rain and sharp objects.

The materials used in LANSSI products have been tested in the HYGIO dry disinfection treatment 50 times. It does not replace washing with water, but dry disinfection is sufficient when there is no visible dirt in the product. Dry disinfection treatment saves materials, removes odors & bacteria and extends the product's lifespan.

You can now get Lanssi first aid work clothes from Image Wear's online store.

The praised LANSSI works

The LANSSI collection has received a lot of praise from its users. Well-fitting, work clothes designed specifically for first aid and first response work have been designed together with professionals in the field. We cooperate a lot with the users of our products and we constantly develop our products based on the feedback received from them.

"YKI pants are the best work pants ever! You can distort and move, and there are storage pockets for all things."

Order the LANSSI collection for first care and first response professionals in our online store.

The clothes of the Ajo collection are meant to be flexible and feel comfortable and look good in customer service tasks.

It's easy to smile in AJO work clothes

Customer service is human interaction at its most sensitive. In service-intensive industries, a good reputation and redeeming it in every encounter has a direct impact on customer satisfaction - and thus also on your company's bottom line. The work clothes of the AJO collection are durable and timeless and bring out the best in the wearer. In the design, we take into account that the clothes support their intended use.

AJO work clothes withstand continuous use, wear and repeated washing. They retain their shape and posture and do not stretch during use. AJO clothing is comfortable and flexible to wear, and does not restrict mobility.

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The Tomi quilted jacket from the Ajo collection stylishly brings warmth to cooler days.

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