Say goodbye to clothes that irritate your work mood - find what you need for every industry, size and season at a domestic family business's stores and online shop

Työvaatteita iloisella asiakaspalvelulla höystettynä Vantaan Työasupalvelumyymälässä.

Acquiring work clothes isn't just a small matter, as well-fitting, high-quality, and responsibly produced garments withstand use and make the working day more comfortable. This is also known to Katja Hyvönen, the Finance and HR Manager of Viherpalvelut Hyvönen, who relies on domestic Image Wear for workwear.

- Maintaining green and street areas and green construction is outdoor work, where you are at the mercy of the weather. Safety is also important to consider, and the fit of the clothes affects the entire working day. It's important to us that our work clothes come from a Finnish family business that invests in product development and genuinely listens to its customers' wishes.

- Our employees really like, for example, the elastic trousers from Image Wear's women's collection, which fit well and work well in everyday life.

Expertise and smiling service in stores

Viherpalvelut Hyvönen needs protective clothing for about 80 permanent staff members and seasonal employees for summer and winter work. Clothing orders are usually placed either online via the eWear ordering service or at the Lahti store.

- Image Wear's eWear ordering service and online store are open 24/7, so placing orders is really convenient. On the other hand, shopping in the store suits us, because at the same time we get nice service and expert advice, Hyvönen continues.

Customer service at Image Wear's Workwear service store in Vantaa. Everyone is welcome in the store.

Image Wear's network of 17 stores is in a league of its own, covering the entire Finland from the Arctic Circle to the Helsinki metropolitan area. Area Manager Elina Malkamäki suspects that no other workwear manufacturer has anything similar. Typically, the store's door opens when small and medium-sized construction, service, Horeca, or care sector companies need high-quality work clothes. There are also customers from the transport and industrial sectors.

- From our extensive range, you can find suitable clothes, shoes, and protective equipment for every industry, size, and season. Our expert and trained staff knows the requirements, laws, and regulations of different industries, as well as issues related to occupational safety, ergonomics, and working conditions.

The same products and services regardless of location

All Image Wear stores offer fitting services, heat transfer label printing services, and, in some stores, minor modifications and repairs to work clothes, if necessary. The stores also have foot scanners for insoles. The scanner measures the anatomy and individual characteristics of the feet, based on which the scanner provides a recommendation for suitable custom insoles, if necessary.

You can have your feet scanned for free at Image Wear Workwear service stores. With the help of the scan, you can choose the insoles for work shoes that suit you.

The range and services of the stores are the same regardless of location. This is especially appreciated by companies with offices all over Finland.

- We serve, for example, the staff of the craft supply store Sinelli in many different locations and offer various work clothes with prints according to their needs, such as vests and t-shirts.

At the Image Wear work wear service store, you can get a printing service for your work clothes under one roof.

Better working days regardless of the channel

A customer who enjoys their work and smiles happily is Image Wear's top priority, whether they shop in-store or online.

- We guarantee that the service works flexibly in both. We want to enable better working days for everyone, regardless of the channel. Sometimes, the work mood can even be a matter of clothing choice, Malkamäki reflects.

Order clothes for better working days from our online store!