Image Wear joins the Carbon neutral textile industry 2035 commitment

Image on on mukana hiilineutraali tekstiili ja muoti tavoitteessa. Oma tavoitteemme on olla hiilineutraali jo vuonna 2025.

Image Wear joins as the first workwear company

Image Wear was the first workwear company to join the Carbon Neutral Textile Industry 2035 commitment launched in October. The commitment is implemented by the Finnish Textile & Fashion together with its service company. By November 26, 2021, ten Finnish textile industry companies had already joined this commitment.

Carbon neutral by 2035

The companies that signed up to the commitment undertake to aim for carbon neutrality in their own operations by 2035. Carbon neutrality is pursued with the following measures:

- Calculation of the company's own carbon footprint

- Development of low-emission operations through calculation of carbon footprint and identification of the most significant emission sources

- Compensation of emissions as part of climate work

- Promoting low-emission operations also in global value chains

"We joined the Carbon neutral textile industry 2035 commitment, even though we are aiming for carbon neutrality earlier in our own operations, because this provides us with perspectives on the entire supply chain for both our calculations and operational development," says Kati Tukiainen, Sustainability Director at Image Wear. "We believe it's good if as many textile industry actors as possible join in, and at least for Finnish actors, we have uniform calculation methods for carbon footprint. A carbon footprint calculator tailored to our industry facilitates the calculation work, and we also appreciate the support and training provided by STJM (Finnish Textile & Fashion)."

Services to extend the lifespan of workwear

In its carbon footprint efforts, Image Wear focuses particularly on extending the lifespan of workwear through circular economy service models it has developed. With the Aarre service, we recycle customer garments from one user to another. . More about the Aarre service here.

Users can rent their work clothes from the Työvaatelainaamo workwear rental service for a chosen period. Read more about Työvaatelainaamo here. At the end of their textile life, products can be returned to us at the Kierre service, where garments are used as raw materials for recycled composite products. Check out the Kierre service and products here.

Let's recycle together for a smaller carbon footprint!

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