Gift cards to the bookstore for the children and grandchildren of Narva factory employees

Narvan tehtaan työntekijöiden lapsille ja lapsenlapsille lahjakortteja kirjakauppaan
Image Wear donated gift cards to the bookstore to the children of Narva

Image Wear makes a donation every year, the goal of which is to improve the well-being of communities in the places where we have opportunities to influence. In recent years, the donation has been made to Narva, Estonia, where our own production facility is located. This year's community donation went to the children and grandchildren of Narva's employees. The employees were happy that this time the donation was aimed at their close circle.

Gift cards for 150 children to the bookstore

The target of the donation is Narva this year as well, and in a joint brainstorming session, the proposal Gift cards for a bookstore became the favorite. A community donation of 4,500 euros was given to the children and grandchildren of Narva's employees.

Narva's children received gift cards from Image Wear to buy new books

150 children can enjoy the bookstore's wide selection. The children are of different ages, so their interests vary from coloring books to Harry Potter. The gift cards were bought at a bookstore, where you can find many different books in different languages. Every child will surely find a nice gift, which will hopefully also develop a love for reading.

The happy children share their ideas for what to use their gift cards for. Older children are going to buy books, say Harry Potter or Star Wars, and board games. Little ones are interested in story books, puzzles and coloring books.

Nice reading moments and plenty of happy reading experiences in Narva!