Image Wear involved in the water responsibility pilot project

Image Wear mukana vesivastuullisuuden pilottihankkeessa

Image Wear is involved in the Finnish Water Resources Foundation's How to become a water-responsible company in 2030? - in the pilot project. In the company project, together with experts and pilot companies, a service model is developed to start the water responsibility work of small and medium-sized companies.

People on the water are pioneers in water responsibility

The Vedellekävijät corporate responsibility project supports Finland's goal of making its companies the world's most water-responsible by 2030. Corporate water responsibility activities related to corporate water and its use from a social, cultural, environmental, and economic perspective.

The project develops the Corporate water responsibility 2030 service concept. Seven pilot companies are involved: Image Wear, Rapala, Savon Kyynel, Putinki, Suur-Savon Sähkö, Oravi and Ralf Ajalin. Read more about the project here .

A service concept was devised at the corporate water responsibility camp

We participated in the Corporate water responsibility camp organized by the Finnish Water Resources Foundation, which is part of a pilot project. At the camp organized in the Heponiemi camp center in Karjalohja, we heard e.g. greetings from the UN water conference and learned that water is more than H 2 O. It is not enough to focus only on water, but the entire water nature and the effects of companies' activities on it must be taken into account.

At the water responsibility camp, a service concept was devised for companies

At the water responsibility camp, a service concept was developed and conceptualized together. In the photo, Karoliina Vilander from the Finnish Water Resources Foundation, Saara Leppänen from the Finnish Water Forum and Kati Tukiainen from Image Wear.

Water in the company's value chain

The campers were able to participate in the Water Responsibility Clinic organized by Gaia Consulting, where they examined where water appears in the company's value chain. The clinic investigated the risks that companies' operations might cause to the water. In the picture, the water is marked with blue Post-it notes