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Image Wear supports Ukrainian children through Save the Children

Ukrainan lapset tarvitsevat nyt apua. Image Wear tukee lahjoituksellaan Ukrainassa lasten hyväksi tehtävää työtä.

Image Wear supports Ukrainian children with its donation

Ukraine's children are at risk. Up to 7.5 million children are threatened by wounding, war trauma and refugee status. Image Wear supports children in conflict areas through the nationwide collection of Save the Children. The donation enables, among other things, the delivery of clothes, food, medicine and crisis support to children in need and their families.

Save the Children delivers humanitarian aid

Pelastakaa Lapset ry has been operating in Ukraine since 2014. The organization delivers important humanitarian aid to children and their families in conflict areas. After the crisis escalated Save the Children has expanded the delivery of emergency aid. Numerous children have had to flee their homes with only a few essential items and the clothes they are wearing.

Save the Children delivers with the help of the collection:

  • Winter clothes and blankets
  • Shelter for those fleeing
  • Food, clean water and hygiene items
  • Help children who are lost on the run away from their family members
  • Psychological support for recovery from traumatic experiences

In addition, the organization strives to make it possible for Ukrainian children to go to school and is ready to establish temporary learning centers in Ukraine's neighboring countries and to renovate Ukrainian schools and kindergartens as soon as the situation allows.

Let's help together

As a Finnish family business, our thoughts are with Ukrainian children and their families. Donations are vital to the survival of children in Ukraine. We encourage others to donate to the Ukraine collection through the Save the Children website. Donations can be made both companies that private . Together we can help.

With our donation, we wish strength to the children of Ukraine, their families and everyone affected by the state of war. We hope that a peaceful solution to the conflict can be found quickly. Read more about Save the Children from work For the children of Ukraine and for children about the situation .

Let's help together!

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Image Wear supports Ukrainian children through Save the Children