Image Wear outsourcing its product warehouse internal logistics to Transval

Image Wearin ja Transvalin edustajat tiedotustilaisuudessa

Media release March 18, 2024

The leading Finnish workwear manufacturer, Tampere-based Image Wear Oy, will outsource the internal logistics of its product warehouse to Transval from April 1, 2024. The employees of the warehouse will be transition to Transval's employment.

From Image Wear's product warehouse, deliveries are dispatched to both customers and its own retail chain.

Located adjacent to the headquarters, the logistics centre houses not only the product warehouse but also additional services such as a sewing department, embroidery facility, and heat transfer and silk screen printing, which will continue as part of Image Wear.

Transval is the market leader in outsourcing logistics in Finland and the largest internal logistics house in the Nordics, helping its clients find opportunities for growth and efficiency in logistics.

Objective: Improving warehouse operations

By outsourcing the product warehouse, Image Wear gets a partner specialized in logistics operations to develop these functions. At the same time, Image Wear can focus on developing its own core business of designing, manufacturing, and selling workwear.

Transval sound collection

Jari Lepistö, CEO of Image Wear, is pleased with the upcoming partnership: "We are looking forward to working with Transval. Our goal is to develop and streamline our warehouse operations, and Transval has proven to be an excellent partner in this endeavor. We strongly believe that through our collaboration, we will achieve concrete results and improvements in our operations."

Transval's sales director Kai Kankaala sums up Transval's sentiments: "It's great to see Image Wear setting a clear goal to improve the operation and efficiency of their product warehouse. We are proud that they chose us as a reliable and flexible expert in internal logistics. Now Image Wear can fully focus on their core expertise in developing and selling work clothes, while we take care of the internal logistics of the warehouse."