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Uusi Vartija-mallisto on kompakti valikoima työvaatteita. Yhdessä alan ammattilaisten kanssa kehitimme malliston, joka kattaa erilaiset vartioinnin ja järjestyksenvalvonnan tehtävät. Image Wear - parempia työpäiviä

Market analysis and definition of work tasks

Already in 2018, Image Wear stated that there are many security-related companies and that the industry is strategically important to us. The sale established the Security business, which included private security alongside government customers.

After the customers of the new business unit had been defined, it was time to review the collection. Security products had sold a lot in the past, but the collection was in need of renewal. Based on a detailed market analysis, it was investigated how many people in Finland wear security clothing. It was found that alongside the large security companies, there are many companies with smaller personnel, so the need was for an easily identifiable collection.

We are familiar with the industry and we know what features are needed in guard clothing - after all, we have a lot of experience in manufacturing clothing for security authorities and first responders. However, we didn't set out to make a new collection with a bang. When making a top collection, the customer's voice is needed to steer in the right direction. We asked one of our customers to join the project, and together we defined what kind of guard or order control tasks there are: field and district security, lobby control, value transport and order control. In addition to the main task, there can be other auxiliary tasks, for example, in a store, a security guard can collect shopping carts or even sit at the cash register.

The word guard must appear on the work clothes both on the front and on the back.

Wardrobe clearance

Together with professionals, we built a wardrobe for each job. However, we did not set out to make our own clothes for each task. The goal was a compact collection that covers various tasks.

Konmaritus also works in the design of the clothing collection. We stopped to think about which features are important and which can be given up. With small changes, we developed clothes that work in different tasks. Together with industry professionals, we built the clothes point by point so that the requirements of each task were taken into account. Working solutions were found for the challenges - if one needed a reflector and the other didn't, the answer was a removable reflector. The products have ready-made Velcro strips for attaching loose tags. Company logos can be printed or embroidered directly on the products.

The top-of-the-line range of guards

We can state without exaggeration that we have developed a top collection, the flagship products of which are a field shirt, a loose-fitting jacket , thigh-pocket pants and a field overall .

The security guard's work clothes are neat, but functional in use - Image Wear

Some tasks require either a bulletproof vest or an equipment vest. The model for the new field shirt has been the bulletproof vest undershirt that has become common in the military environment. The body part of the shirt is made of very breathable material. All the pockets have been added to the sleeves made of a tougher fabric. When a bullet or equipment vest is worn over a field shirt, there are no pockets under the vest that press into the body. Thanks to the sleeves of the shirt, the whole field shirt and vest look like a jacket. The field shirt looks cool even on its own and forms a stylish outfit with the guard's thigh pocket trousers.

The loose-lined jacket is comfortably breathable and can be worn summers and winters thanks to the loose-lined lining. The puffer-style jacket is easy to wear with an accessory belt. The thigh pocket pants have plenty of pockets, and the pants are elastic where you need elasticity: the upper back and crotch. Functional and stylish trousers are also suitable for jobs other than security guards, such as industry or property maintenance.

The field coverall is the dream garment of many guards. About half of the guards want to wear overalls, half a combination of jacket and pants. Both outfits look the same. In this way, the company can acquire overalls for some of the personnel and jacket & pants for others, but the whole remains uniform. The new field overalls are comfortable to wear: flexible crotch pieces make it easier to move, and the ventilation holes in the armpits and lower back provide excellent ventilation. There is also a wind flap on the back.

The collection also includes new pique and polo shirts. Fabric reinforcements have been added to the collar and shoulders of the pique shirt. There are long- and short-sleeve versions of both pique and polo shirts. Poletti shirts have their own measurements for men and women.

Image Wear's store collection completes the whole

The collection of Image Wear's stores is completed by security guards

The guard's work clothes must work even in tight situations - Image Wear

the clothing needs of law enforcement tasks. The collection includes different Softshell jackets and vests as well as uniforms for lobby attendants.

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