We donated washing machines and tumble dryers to the children's home in Narva

Osana vastuullisuussuunnitelmaamme, haluamme toimia vastuullisesti myös siellä, missä meillä on tuotantoa. Lahjoitimme Narvan lastenkotiin pesukoneita helpottamaan arjen sujuvuutta.

Support from Image Wear to Narva Children's Home

We supported the operation of Narva children's home. We donated three washing machines and three tumble dryers to the Narva Social Work Center's shelter. Our goal is to improve the well-being of communities in localities where we have opportunities to influence. Estonia's Narva was a natural choice because our own production facility is located there.

New machines make laundry days easier

The hope was to find an object to support children or young people. Among the many options, the Narva Social Work Center's shelter was chosen Narva Sotsiaaltöokeskus shelter . The shelter was allowed to propose what the donation money would be used for. The biggest need was for washing machines and dryers, because they are in daily use and the old machines had already reached the end of their life.

The shelter of the Narva social work center offers temporary housing for children aged 0-18 who have been left or are at risk of being left without a guardian. The shelter offers children a safe environment and help with mental balance and functioning in everyday life. The service includes e.g. accommodation and food services, clean clothes and bed linen, social counseling and psychological help, medical care and help with going to school. The shelter consists of three houses, each of which houses 6–7 children. Each child usually has their own room; some rooms have two children. In these houses, the children are taken care of by a social worker and a psychologist, along with educators who cook for the children, do laundry and help with school work.

The handover ceremony was organized last week and the machines were received by Julia Shupilova, director of Narva Social Work Center. Jelizaveta Pavlova, operational director of Image Wear's Narva factory, handed over the machines. We wish you happy laundry days in Narva!

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