The Finnish Water Foundation and Image Wear Oy to cooperate for clean water

Suomen Vesistösäätiö yhteistyöhön puhtaan veden puolesta

RepairFriday - Repair, recycle and make an impact on water

Every choice we make affects the waters! By repairing, you extend the life cycle of the product and reduce the water pollution of the manufacturing industry.

Why is water important?

Fresh water is a necessity for all life. Finland's waterways are often thought to be the cleanest in the world, but in reality, our country has tens of thousands of eutrophic lakes, drained streams and dammed rapids. Our water bodies are threatened by the loss of nature and the effects of a warming climate. The waters need our help so that future generations can also experience their brightness and beauty.

The responsibility for water belongs to each of us

The Finnish Water Foundation is a non-profit organization that works for healthy and clean waters. The foundation promotes the protection and sustainable use of water bodies and participates in the restoration of water bodies. "Water can be influenced by many - big and small - choices at work and at home, every day. Water responsibility is, for example, reducing water use, protecting water from harmful substances and increasing awareness of one's own activities, for example as a consumer and a cottager," says Liisa Hämäläinen, executive director of the Finnish Water Resources Foundation.

Finland is committed to the UN's Agenda 2030 goal and wants its companies to be the most responsible for water in the world. Image Wear has taken up the challenge together with the Finnish Water Foundation. Production chains in the textile industry are long and use a lot of water. "Since Image Wear, as a small operator, does not have much opportunity to influence the processes of our suppliers, we have decided to support the activities of the Finnish Water Resources Foundation in improving the state of water bodies," says Kati Tukiainen, director of responsibility at Image Wear, and continues: "At the same time, we want to investigate how we can improve our own water footprint and highlight the importance of water conservation and the fact that everyone can do their own act of water conservation by using up their clothes. By repairing clothes, you can extend their life cycle."

Image Wear ecolabel

How does Image Wear reduce its water footprint?

Finland's leading workwear manufacturer encourages repairing and recycling workwear? Yes, Image Wear has developed various reuse and recycling services. With Vaatelaastar® you can easily and quickly repair damaged work clothes and extend their service life. With the help of the Aarre recycling service, the customer's work clothes are recycled from one employee to another, Työvaatelainamo is an ecological and cost-effective way to acquire work clothes for varying needs, and in the Käytytytyövä online store, worn-out work clothes are looking for new users. There are also recycling options for products that are at the end of their workwear cycle into new textile products or Kierre® composite products.

"The most important eco-deed is that work clothes are made from high-quality, durable materials developed for work clothes. The longer the garment is in original use, the smaller the water footprint it has," reminds Kati Tukiainen.

Image Wear Repair Friday i.e. repair Friday instead of Black Friday

Instead of Black Friday, Repair Friday

Instead of Black Friday, Image Wear's stores and the online store have Repair Friday, or PaikkausParjantai, when you get a Vaatelaastari® package on top of your purchases. With the help of Vaatelaastar®, you can easily patch up small holes and thus extend the life cycle of the garment. In addition, Image Wear donates 1% of the sales of all IW workwear purchased from Image Wear stores or the online store during Repair Friday to the activities of the Finnish Water Foundation.

A recipe for water-responsible consumption

The joint recipe for water-responsible consumption by the Finnish Water Foundation and Image Wear consists of the following ingredients:

- Borrow from a friend and to a friend

- Buy well made and only for what you need

- By treating your clothes well, you also treat nature and yourself well

- Use, wash, repair and recycle

- Use biodegradable detergents

- Avoid unnecessary washing times - ventilation often replaces washing