The benches at Tampere's carpet washing places have withstood weather and use

Tampereen matonpesupaikkojen penkit kestäneet säätä ja käyttöä

Cliff benches in Hiedanranta, Eteläpuisto and at carpet cleaning places

The city of Tampere has acquired Cliff composite benches for Hiedanranta, Eteläpuisto and all carpet washing places in Tampere. The benches are made from discarded work clothes and recycled plastic.

The first test benches were delivered to Hiedanranta and Eteläpuisto in the summer of 2020. The benches were made from VR's discarded work clothes. The pilot project was done together with Tampereen Infra Oy, Image Wear Oy, and VR.

In the spring of 2021, a larger pilot was carried out in accordance with the wishes of the townspeople. A total of 30 benches were delivered to 19 carpet washing places in Tampere. Image Wear delivered the benches as parts to Sarka Oy. Sarka Oy is a contract supplier for the city of Tampere, which employs partially able-bodied and long-term unemployed. Sarka assembled the benches and delivered them to their locations.


The benches have withstood both weather and use well

In the bench pilot for carpet cleaning places, the durability of the benches is monitored in particular. Teemu Kylmäkoski, the green area maintenance supervisor at Tampere Infra, and Kati Tukiainen, the sustainability director at Image Wear, made a tour in June to the carpet washing places in Vehmainen and Iidesranta.

Image Wear Spiral service Cliff bench Tampere

The benches at the carpet washing places have now been in place for two winters. Both the two benches in Vehmainen and the one bench in Iidesranta are in good condition and have withstood various weather conditions well. These benches have also stayed well in place.  The bench installed in Eteläpuisto during the first pilot project is very popular, and its location often changes. The heavy bench is not easily moved, but with a larger group, it can be moved a few meters. Sometimes the bench is in its original place at the edge of the sidewalk, sometimes in front of the adjacent stage, or next to the grills installed for city residents' use. Perhaps the bench's movement indicates that more of these would be needed in Eteläpuisto.


Satisfied feedback from the townspeople about the composite benches

City residents are satisfied with Cliff composite benches. Especially the benches at the carpet washing places have received feedback that it's nice to be able to rest while washing carpets.

At the Iidesranta carpet washing place, Anne Rigel was washing carpets with her dog Perla. Anne's wish is to get another bench in Iidesranta, which would be more in the shade. On a sunny day, it would be nice to eat snacks and rest protected from the sun.

Image Wear Spiral service Cliff bench Tampere

We also learned something new on the bench tour. Anne Rigel mentioned that there is also a bench at the Romprinranta carpet washing place. After a moment of surprise, Anne explained that Rauhaniemi beach is called Rompsinranta.

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