The CEO of Image Wear is changing

Image Wearin toimitusjohtaja vaihtuu

Jari Lepistö as CEO of Image Wear

The CEO of Finland's leading workwear manufacturer is changing. Jari Lepistö has been appointed as the new CEO of Image Wear. He has been involved with the company since mid-August and has spent the last one and a half months getting to know the company, its employees, customers, and stakeholders. Lepistö will officially take over the CEO role on the first day of October as Pekka Nikkanen retires. However, Nikkanen will continue to support the company from behind the scenes until the end of November.


Pekka Nikkanen is retiring

During Pekka Nikkanen's 20-year tenure, the early years were a period of transformation where several companies were merged into one entity, Image Wear. Over time, the company has grown by acquiring several businesses and expanding international manufacturing operations. Nikkanen emphasizes that together with all Image Wear employees, they have turned the company into a multi-service model provider and market leader, even incorporating smart technology and digital applications into their workwear. He thanks all Image Wear employees for their joint journey and wishes them well for the future.

Jari Lepistö is stepping into big shoes as Pekka Nikkanen retires. Janne Vettenranta, Chairman of the Board of Image Wear and one of the company's owners, shares that Lepistö convinced the owners with his solid experience in leading various business operations both in Finland and abroad. "We value Jari's financial, leadership, and strategic expertise, as well as his openness and honesty. His values and worldview align with ours. We believe that under his leadership, Image Wear will continue to thrive in the coming years," states Janne Vettenranta. Nikkanen also looks to the future of the company with confidence: "It's great to hand over the helm to Jari. Our joint work has shown that Jari is skilled, pleasant, and open. It's easy to trust him and hand over the leadership of Image Wear to experienced hands. Wishing Jari success."

With a positive attitude to the Image Wear team

Lepistö is taking the reins with a positive mindset. His one and a half months at Image Wear have convinced him that he is starting from a strong foundation. "It's great to join the team of professionals at Image Wear. The company's quality products and skilled staff have created a strong position and a stable foundation for success. Pekka has led the company successfully and has introduced me well to the company's operations. The management team and staff have welcomed me positively," Lepistö enthuses, continuing, "From this foundation, it's good to continue Image Wear's success story. I am genuinely excited to be part of continuing Image Wear's top expertise in workwear and thereby supporting the daily life of professionals."

Acknowledgments to the long-serving CEO

Janne Vettenranta encapsulates the company's gratitude to the retiring CEO: "We want to thank Pekka for his faithful service in leading Image Wear. Under his leadership, Image Wear has evolved into a multi-channel, reliable, and constantly developing market leader in the workwear industry. Pekka has been a popular CEO, appreciated by staff, stakeholders, and customers alike. He has led the company with determination, effectiveness, and staff motivation. Working days with him have been dynamic and cheerful. We wish Pekka all the best for the coming years."

For more information:

Janne Vettenranta, janne.vettenranta(at), phone: 0400 733 646

Jari Lepistö, jari.lepisto(at), phone: 050 60 212