Check out Image Wear's eSovitus

Image Wearin tuotteita voit sovittaa myös etänä eSovituksen eli Choozr:n avulla.

In our online store, selected products feature eSovitus service (Choozr), which makes it easier to order clothes in the right size, reduces the transportation of products ordered in the wrong size, and saves both the environment and working time.

What is eSovitus (Choozr)?

Image Wear's eSovitus (Choozr) is a digital remote fitting service where you get a personal size recommendation. The proposals are based on precise body measurements and the measurements defined for the product. eSovitus (Choozr) is available for download on Android devices from the Google Play store and for iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

From eSovitus (Choozr) you get a personal size recommendation based on photos taken by a mobile device, for example a smartphone or tablet. Your device calculates the measurements and anonymously updates them to the cloud service. The calculation takes place on your own device and the images are not sent or saved anywhere at any time.

Below are examples of our products that feature eSovitus (Choozr):
Women's chef jacket with zipper 1F585
Shell jacket 3G018
Flexy cargo trousers 1L287
Chef jacket 1F010
Women's chef trousers 1K008
Men's chef trousers 1K007
Men's collared shirt 56757
Women's office shirt 7D872
Softshell jacket 7G011
Women's cargo trousers 1K125
Men's cargo trousers 1K121
Women's t-shirt 46117
Unisex t-shirt 46724
Trousers with elastic waistband 1K015
Unisex trousers with 5 pockets 1K134
Unisex trousers with 4 pockets 1K140
Men's work jeans 1K087

eSovitus is also available for contract customers in the eWear online store

Image Wear's eSovitus, which is a digital remote fitting service, is also available for our contract customers' own products in the eWear online store. Read more here .