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We protect ourselves from cold and rain, so why not also from heat. The cooling vest developed for professionals together with medical institutions is a solution for hot working conditions.

What happens when your body fights the heat?

Tight skin and sweating, discomfort, fatigue, heart rate and breathing speed up. These are usually the first symptoms when the body is fighting the heat. If the heat continues, the symptoms may also include a loss of concentration, slowing down of reactions, headache and dizziness, even confusion. At its worst, heat stress can lead to exhaustion, convulsions or stroke.

The cooling vest prevents heat stress

Excessive heat is a danger to occupational safety and health and limits physical functions, work ability and productivity. Temperatures as low as 24–26°C reduce work ability and work productivity. At a temperature of 33–34°C, a person working with moderate work capacity loses 50% of his working capacity. Heat is particularly dangerous in jobs that require physical exertion.

A cooling vest helps to avoid the symptoms of heat stress. It keeps you comfortably cool, reduces sweating and lowers heart rate and body temperature. At the same time, concentration and performance improve. A cooling vest also speeds up recovery.

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Heat, uniforms, protective suits and heavy equipment expose you to heat stress. The cooling vest is perfect under e.g. army, police and security uniforms. Even under healthcare protective clothing, the vest makes it easier to feel in, e.g., the operating room, X-rays, infectious disease departments or sampling.

The cooling vest is also suitable for leisure time, from motorcycling to sports. In sports, e.g. F1 drivers, Tour de France cyclists, soccer players and various Olympic athletes use a cooling vest either during performance or to recover from performance.

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The cooling vest is easy to use

The cooling vest can already be cooled below 18°C ​​at room temperature. The refrigerator speeds up cooling if the vest needs to be put back into use quickly. Underwear is worn under the vest and preferably some outerwear. The vest stays cool for 1–4 hours. A vest cooled in the freezer stays cool longer, but it must be allowed to warm up for at least 5 minutes before putting it on.

The vest is easy to clean. All you need is water or disinfectant and a cleaning cloth.

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Features of the cooling vest

The cooling vest works in extreme temperatures and different humidity levels. 100% bio-based PCM material and 100% biodegradable. The product is a REACH-registered and USDA-certified bio-based product. The cooling vest is non-toxic and harmless, does not contain corrosive substances and is not harmful if swallowed or hits a wound. The vest's cooling agent is 20% lighter than water. The vest does not condense moisture. The reusable cooling vest is durable and low-flammability. The vest is a one size unisex model. The product has a one-year warranty.

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