Cooling vest in test use: more power for heavy creasing

Viilennysliivi testikäytössä: enemmän tehoa raskaaseen rypistykseen

Our cooling vest got into real use when Ylöjärvi VPK chairman Marko Konttinen tested the vest for a week in the summer heat. The mongoose mascot also got to try out how the vest cools under the costume.

Sunburn and heavy protective clothing

The protective clothing of the fire department is necessary due to occupational safety, so them

The cooling vest significantly eased the heat load of the firefighter's working day.

cannot be opened or reduced even in a strong roast. "The test use of the cooling vest coincided with a suitably hot week and sufficiently demanding work," says Konttinen. He wore the vest with both a heavy fire suit and a light rescue suit at the fire department youth training camp for road traffic rescue training.

The training sessions were about 2.5 hours long and consisted of heavy road accident rescue work, mainly the use of hydraulic rescue equipment – ​​during the week, seven passenger cars were dismantled. When you do several hours of continuous stressful work in the sunshine in heavy protective clothing and with heavy work tools, the heat load is considerable and reduces work efficiency. The training period was therefore optimal for testing the cooling vest.

Easy to use and discreet

Marko Konttinen found the cooling vest easy to use and was surprised at how small a space it can fit: "For reasons of hygiene, I packed the vest in a liter freezer bag before putting it in the freezer." Although when unfolding the frozen vest I doubted its durability, the worry was unnecessary. The vest retained its elasticity even when cold. The container cooled the vest both in the refrigerator and in the freezer. The surprising thing was that the vest didn't feel too cold even after taking it out of the freezer, after having aired the vest for a while and shaped it to be suitable for use. The surface of the vest did not feel freezing cold, but released the cold slowly and therefore felt pleasant to wear. "If you took a cold one out of the freezer, it would feel like ice until it warmed up," says Konttinen. After both the refrigerator and the freezer, the user experience was very pleasant, although the cooling time was shorter after the refrigerator.

The cooling vest was easy to use and you didn't even notice it while moving. Although the construction of the vest is simple, it stayed in place very well. "During the week, there was squatting, bending over and manual work above the shoulder line, but the vest didn't have to be repaired in the rush of work," says Konttinen.

The cooling vest is suitable for both wildfires and traffic accidents

"Based on the test use, the vest is suitable for fire brigades in summer heat for wildfires and traffic accidents, where the protective equipment must be buttoned up to the collar", Konttinen assesses and continues: "There is a lot of new research information on the exposure that occurs in wildfires, and according to that, the equipment must really be worn at those gigs, so that the skin-borne exposure is minimized. Even under a light outfit, a long technical layer is recommended, so heat load is generated even without heavy work."

The hot role-playing costume was comfortably cooled by the cooling vest.

And even a third work situation was found during the test period, in which the vest brought nice cooling. A mongoose mascot also became a guinea pig. Under the thickly padded role-playing suit, the vest brought a nice cooling even to the normally painfully hot work.

According to Konttinen, based on the test period, the cooling vest is an excellent help in maintaining the ability to function in warm conditions: "Without the vest, I wouldn't have been able to work in a heavy fire suit in the sun for such long periods of continuous work."

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