Cooperation between Abloy and Image Wear

Abloy launched a workwear service for locksmith businesses 

Long working hours with varied tasks and working environments. In these conditions, not just any outfit will do. 

Here you can watch a video about cooperation with Abloy 

Abloy Oy launched a workwear service targeted at locksmith businesses, where the businesses have the opportunity to use the service negotiated by Abloy. One of the purposes of the new workwear service is to improve Abloy's visibility at installation sites and to make a functional and affordable service available for Abloy authorized locksmith businesses. 

Image Wear as a cooperation partner 

Abloy started the project by mapping several workwear suppliers. The workwear from different suppliers was tested in several locksmith shops, and users were invited to provide their feedback. 

"Image Wear was selected as the supplier on the grounds of feedback - especially regarding the quality and comfort of the clothes. The reliability and service capability of the service provider as well as the ease of operation and system functionality were also important," tells Abloy business development manager Tommi Sutinen. From the electronic eWear ordering system of Image Wear, locksmith shops can easily order their uniforms around the clock. In addition to a comprehensive model range and a well-functioning online service, Image Wear has a nationwide store network. 

Functional workwear, better workdays 

Long working hours. Working indoors, outdoors and in the middle ground - all year round. Climbing, bending and crouching. Workwear matters. 

The versatile and extensive range of Abloy workwear service provides options for various conditions. The workwear collection offers warmth and breathability, protection and durability, visibility and safety. Carefully worked out details make it easier to work. 

Image Wear workwear is also used at the Abloy plant 

Under the cooperation agreement, the production workers at the Abloy plant also use Image Wear workwear. The clothes are functional and comfortable. Quality and comfort are the most important requirements for workwear. Without disregarding look and style.