EN 1149-5:2018 Protective clothing, electrostatic properties

EN 1149-5 standard with protective clothing with electrostatic properties

A product compliant with the EN 1149-5 standard protects against various heat stresses and prevents incendiary static electricity discharges. Electrostatic discharges, or sparks, pose a risk of ignition in explosive environments. These products are used in environments where there may be a risk of explosion due to gases or easily ignitable substances. The clothing is heat-resistant clothing, but it is also serving as antistatic or conductive protective clothing.

The purpose of EN 1149-5 antistatic protective clothing is to prevent the buildup of charges, and the products should be used as part of a complete earthed system. Standard EN 1149-5 defines material and design requirements for protective clothing used as part of a total earthed system to prevent the buildup of charges. Suitable footwear and mats should be used as part of a complete earthed system. All protective equipment should provide protection against electrostatic discharge.

Instructions for using EN 1149-5