EN 13034:2005+A1:2009 Protection against liquid chemicals

Clothing with the EN 13034 standard protects against liquid chemicals.

The EN 13034 standard defines minimum requirements for limited use and reusable chemical protective clothing. Such protective clothing is suitable for low-risk situations where the user's exposure is temporary, such as a small splashes, liquid aerosol, or splashes that do not require full protection against liquid penetration. A product compliant with the EN 13034 standard provides temporary protection against liquid chemicals and allows the user to remove the protective clothing before liquid splashes penetrate the material. The product is intended for situations where the user can exit the hazardous environment and remove the protective clothing quickly.

The EN 13034 standard includes both chemical protective suits ( TYPE 6 ) and partial body protection ( TYPE PB [ 6] ). Type 6 suits are tested as full body-covering clothing, and the protective clothing meets the minimum requirements of the EN 13034 standard. The material of type PB [6] products protects the skin from chemicals (small splashes, liquid aerosol or splashes), but the product only protects certain parts of the body, such as a jacket or trousers, and does not provide complete protection against liquid penetration. Type PB [6] protective clothing must be used in conjunction with other EN 13034 protective equipment to ensure sufficient protection.

Instructions for using standard EN13034