EN 17353 Enhanced visibility for medium risk situations

The standard for clothing that increases visibility

Products certified to EN 17353 are intended for situations where the user needs to stand out well. EN 17353 specifies requirements for enhanced visibility in conditions involving medium risk. Visibility-enhancing workwear helps the wearer stand out in low-visibility conditions with medium-risk, either in daylight conditions and/or under illumination by vehicles headlights or searchlights in the dark . Products certified to EN 17353 are designed for workers who need to be visible, but do not work in high-risk situations. Therefore, EN 17353 products are not intended for high-risk situations, where visibility needs to be enhanced under all lighting conditions using protective equipment certified according to standard EN ISO 20471.

Products certified according to EN 17353 indicate a protection class based on lighting conditions and the surface area of visible materials. EN 17353 specifies three visibility classes, with the highest being AB3. Type A provides visibility only in daylight (day visibility), containing only fluorescent material. Type B provides visibility in the evening and at night (night visibility), containing only retroreflective material. Products certified according to EN 17353 type B must have retroreflective material either on limbs (type B2) or on the body, or on the torso and limbs (type B3). Type AB provides visibility in both daylight, twilight, and darkness (both day and night visibility). Products certified according to EN 17353 type AB include both retroreflective and fluorescent materials, or materials possessing both properties.

Instructions for using standard EN 17353