EN 342:2017 Clothing to protect against the cold

EN 342 Clothing to protect against the cold. Protective clothing standards

EN 342 cold protection clothing protects the user from cold air, i.e. at or below -5°C, and from the combination of frost, humidity and wind. EN 342 work clothes protect the body from excessive cooling, wind and sleet and rain, depending on the materials of the work clothes. The EN 342 standard specifies requirements for thermal insulation, air permeability and water penetration resistance. In addition to the air temperature, the standard compromises also humidity and air velocity. The protective effects and requirements of footwear, gloves and separate head wear are excluded from the scope of this standard. The requirements of the EN 342 standard only apply to A, effective thermal insulation, and B, air permeability. Air permeability is divided into three classes, where class 1 offers the best protection. Testing for water penetration, classes 1-2, is an optional feature.

Standard EN 342 specifies requirements and performance for work clothes designed to keep the body warm. EN 342 approval can be granted to garments or ensembles consisting of several layers or garments. Layered clothing increases insulation and improves protection against the cold. Dressing in layers makes it easier to adapt to the conditions. Read more about layering.

Instructions for using standard EN 342