EN 343:2019 Protective clothing - Protection against rain

Raincoats and trousers that protect against rain protect against rain, sleet and snow as well as soil moisture.
Standard EN 343 specifies requirements, performance, and test methods for protective clothing that protects against rain, sleet and snow, as well as mist and ground moisture. EN 343 sets requirements for the waterproofness and breathability of workwear, and it also defines the waterproofness of fabric and seams as well as water vapour resistance. EN 343:2019 includes four values ​​that indicate the protection level of the product. Class 4 represents the highest protection level. According to the standard, the garment and seams are tested for water penetration (waterproofness A) class 1–4, and water vapour resistance (breathability/water vapour resistance B) class 1–4, with class 4 being the highest value. The product can also be subjected to an optional test in rain coming from above.

Instructions for using standard EN ISO 343