EN 61482-2:2020 Protection against thermal effects of electric arcs

EN 61482-2 Protection against thermal effects of electric arc
The fireproof warning jacket protects against the thermal effects of the electric arc - Image Wear
Protective clothing compliant with the EN 61482-2 standard protects against the thermal hazards of electric arcs. The arc flash standard defines protective requirements and testing methods for materials and garments against the hazards posed by electric arcs. The performance of the material is measured by determining the amount of heat transmitted through the material. 

Arc flash incidents generate extreme temperatures, and EN 61482-2 products fall into risk category III. They are used in high-risk environments and protect against brief flame contact and various heat stresses. Products compliant with EN 61482-2 standard are designed to prevent second-degree burns. However, these products are not suitable for protection against main voltages.

There are two protection classes, class 2 garments offer higher protection against the thermal hazards of electric arcs. Class 1 (APC 1) garments are tested according to EN 61482-1-2 standard at 4kA current (energy 168kJ), and class 2 (APC 2) garments at 7kA current (energy 320kJ).

Instructions for using standard EN 61482-1-2