EN ISO 14116:2015 Clothing for protection against heat and fire

EN ISO 14116 Work clothes that protect against heat and fire

The standard EN ISO 14116 protective clothing provides users limited protection against contact with heat and flames. EN ISO 14116 defines the requirements for the flame spread properties of protective clothing. Protective clothing and accessories compliant with this standard are intended to protect the wearer from temporary and short-term exposure to flames in conditions where there is no specific heat hazard, significant heat hazard, or other types of heat. Workwear conforming to the EN ISO 14116 standard provides protect in situations where there is occasional or accidental exposure to flames. The standard is used in accessories and workwear  where the level of protection may be lower, such as high-visibility vests and rainwear. Materials compliant with EN ISO 14116 are self-extinguishing, but they may develop holes.

The EN 14116 standard has three indexes: 1, 2 and 3, with class 3 having the highest protection requirements. Class 1 materials should not be used against the skin, and garments containing class 1 materials should only be worn over class 2 or 3 garments.

Instructions for using standard EN 14116