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Image Wear is a Finnish family business. We have been manufacturing work clothes since 1959. Our company, which has been family-owned since the beginning, has grown into a pioneer in the field, producing almost 5,000 different products and operating in several countries.

However, it is no accident that we are the market leader. We have kept our own professionalism at its peak since the beginning and we help our customers succeed. We are interested in the world around us and utilize the latest textile and clothing technology for our customers.

Because we make your work better, we want to be number one in workwear in every respect. Quality has been and always is at the center of our work. Our product development in Tampere works closely with all our customers, because the users of our clothes know best what is ultimately important in work clothes. Our task is to listen and understand our customer's everyday life.

The Image Wear group includes the Tampere-based parent company Image Wear Oy and the distribution channels Tyoeasupalvelu store chain and Tallinn-based subsidiary Image Wear AS.

Image Wear - 60 years of Finnish family business

Image Wear työvaatteet perhekuva Spring 1987 was a time of new beginnings in the Vettenranta family. Pekka and Auli Vettenranta from Tampere took a big step in their lives, bought Laitosto's business, founded in 1959, and became entrepreneurs. Together, they decided to dress Finns for work, and from the first days it was clear that manufacturing first-class work clothes and being a pioneer required the ability to throw oneself into continuous change and learning. The same spirit of renewal and renewal still characterizes Image Wear's operations, now that the generation has changed and children Janne and Kati are piloting the company forward.

At Image Wear, we know what competence, work and professionalism mean to Finns - work gives identity, rhythm, the opportunity to learn new things, one's community and faith in tomorrow. When a person puts on work clothes as a sign of his competence, he takes his place as a professional in a hospital, factory, construction site, kitchen - wherever he works. We want to be close to a person who shares the value of work with us every day. That's why we serve these everyday heroes everywhere we work.

Carefully selected materials are refined in our skilled hands into clothes that meet today's strict standards. Alongside our customers, we also see how working life is constantly changing. We bring new technologies and innovative materials to facilitate work in the changing world of work. Although the work is looking for new forms, the value of the professional remains.

Without strong foundations, the forces of change could be carried away. Image Wear, which has grown in a controlled manner over the decades, still draws inspiration from its roots for everyday work. We are proud that our history is the history of a Finnish professional, industrialization and Finland. We don't just go along with the flow of changes, we want to be making a change, to take the entire industry into new directions.

If something remains in the world, it is the inevitability of growth, development and change. A person's need to do meaningful work is also permanent. Here at Image Wear, these are intertwined into a sturdy fabric - an opportunity to do something completely new.

Responsibility report

Vastuullisuusraportti Image Wear Oy

We publish an annual responsibility report. The purpose of the responsibility reporting is to increase the knowledge of our customers, partners and other stakeholders about our responsibility work and to inform about the progress made in the reporting year and new development areas. You can download and read Image Wear Oy's responsibility report from here.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates

Image Wear has been granted ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates on 28 September 2017. The ISO 9001 quality system certificate certifies that we work in a customer-oriented and systematic manner in quality development. The ISO 14001 certificate, on the other hand, signals that we have a goal-oriented system for managing environmental issues. The environmental standard helps us structure our environmental work and guides us in the continuous development of environmental issues.

Image Wear work clothes ISO 9001 Image Wear work clothes ISO 14001

You can download Image Wear Oy's ISO 9001 certificate here .
You can download Image Wear Oy's ISO 14001 certificate here .

Key tag and Design from Finland badges

In April 2019, the Confederation of Finnish Labor awarded Image Wear the Key Flag and Design from Finland marks. The key tag is a sign of Finnish work and it has been issued to Image Wear's workwear service. The Design from Finland mark has been awarded to Image Wear's work clothes and patient and senior clothes. The label is awarded to products that strongly represent Finnish design expertise.

Avainlippu Image Wear työvaatteet Design from Finland Image Wear työvaatteet

Avainlippu Image Wear työvaatteet Design from Finland Image Wear työvaatteet

We are a member of the Association of Family Businesses

suomalainen perheyritys työvaatteet

We have adopted the Finnish family business label. We are proudly a family business and we want to make that clear. The brand symbolizes values ​​that are important to us - long-term, profitable growth, a way of working that spans generations and responsibility.

We are part of the "Trusted Partner" program

A reliable partner company


We are involved in Rinki packaging recycling

A reliable partner company


We are the climate partner of the Tampere region

Image Wear Tampere's climate partner


We have joined Tampere's climate partners to promote the region's common goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. Read more about our measures and climate actions here.

Our operations are guided by the values, mission and vision described below. Together, they form Image Wear's quality and environmental policy.

Set of values:

  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Evolution


We make a professional's everyday life easier


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