Lumene Beauty Advisors' dresses got a new look

Work dresses for Lumene's promoters from Image Wear

Lumene and Image Wear, two strong Finnish pioneers in their industries, have been cooperating for years. Lumene Beauty Advisors’ new work dresses are the result of long and deep cooperation.

Lumene and Image Wear have their roots in Finland

Image Wear updated the work clothes of Lumene's promoters.

Both Lumene and Image Wear have deep roots in Finland. Lumene's source of inspiration is Nordic values ​​and culture, as well as the pure Nordic nature. The harsh climate of the northern latitudes gives rise to  conscious presence and balance with nature. The raw materials of the products – northern spring water and hand-picked Nordic berries, plants and tree sap – are the secret of Finns' youthfulness and radiant skin.

The companies also share their values: responsibility, creativity, and development. The products of both companies are designed in Finland, and their staff is united by creativity and continuous innovation and development. In their industries, both Lumene and Image Wear are strong pioneers of the circular economy, and they develop high-quality products in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner. Both have the goal of being carbon neutral by 2025.

A new dress stands up to time and the challenges of a working day

Lumene renewed the work clothes of the trendsetters together with Image Wear.

The work of a Beauty Advisor is varied, including customer service, building displays, and maintaining the product presentation area clean and tidy. Work clothes must support both the company's brand image and the Beauty Advisor's working day.

Lumene's own dress model has now been updated to 2023. Practical details have been added to the dress, which make the work of Beauty Advisors easier. Despite the changes, the dress continues the coherent clothing plan. The material of the dress has been carefully chosen. It is durable and timeless. Lumene has defined the colour of the fabric according to its brand.

Positive feedback from users

Image Wear has had the pleasure of building Lumene's image and better working days for the staff through work clothes. Long-term, smooth cooperation can also be seen in the feedback from users of work clothes. The dress has been found to be really fitting, the material is comfortably warm and elastic. Adding another pocket has made the work of Beauty Advisors easier, because keys, for example, cannot always be kept on a lanyard. Now the keys can be conveniently slipped into the extra pocket.