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The English-based optician chain Specsavers expanded its operations to Finland in 2007. Founded by optometrists Mary and Doug Perkins in 1984, the chain is the world's largest privately owned optical company, operating on a franchise partnership model. In Finland, there are 52 stores, with the store network extending from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and from Vaasa to Joensuu. In addition to comprehensive optician services, Specsavers offers optomerist services in most of its stores.

Choosing a workwear partner starts with the company's values

Specsavers new work clothes

Specsavers aims to be a workplace that every colleague can be proud of, regardless of their background. A workplace where everyone can feel valued, get the support they need and utilize their full potential.

One important part of employee well-being is workwear. "The makeover of the store staff's work clothes became topical. I went through various suppliers. It was important to find a Finnish supplier whose values ​​match our company's social and environmental values. We want workwear that is sustainably produced and that our employees feel comfortable in," says Susanna Hakala, Central Operations Manager of Specsavers Finland, and continues: "Image Wear's competitor, who did not have work clothes that fit our needs, recommended Image Wear, which I already had positive experiences with from my previous career. I sent an email to Petteri Lindman, Director of Health Business at Image Wear. After the first meeting, the project really kicked off, and the work continued with Key Account Manager Siina Hjerp. An additional bonus in the project was Image Wear's store network, where our employees can conveniently try on the products."

From business formal attire to a more casual look

The work environment was the starting point in the work clothes design process. Black and white colours came from brand guidelines. Instead of the previous more formal suit style, a more relaxed smart casual look was desired, emphasizing flexibility, comfort, versatility, and functionality. For faster deliveries, the wish was that the products would be available directly in the store range.

Specsavers new work clothes - Image Wear

Three collections were made for the workwear update: men's and women's collections for store staff and a campaign collection for seasonal workers. The men's collection consists of various shirts, sweatshirts, knits, chinos, and jeans. Shirt options include a dress shirt, T-shirt, and short- and long-sleeved polo shirts. The women's collection includes two different dresses, a tricot collared shirt, T-shirt, sweatshirt, cardigan, and three different trouser styles. New accessories include two different belts and a scarf. The company logo appears on workwear only on new stylish woodlike name tags. Various logo-printed shirts were made for the seasonal employees' campaign collection.

Both the ordering system and the new work clothes receive praise

Specsavers new work clothes - Image Wear
Orders are placed through Image Wear's eWear, an internet-based order management system for contract customers. Specsavers was the first customer to adopt the updated version of eWear. "It was easy to start the ordering process. Image Wear had everything ready. All we had to do was share usernames and passwords. Users haven't given any feedback on eWear. Apparently, the system is easy to use, as negative feedback would surely have reached me by now", say Susanna, laughing.

The new workwear collection has received enthusiastic feedback. The Emma and Helmi dresses are particularly popular. The trekking tights are extremely comfortable. Women have praised the straight trousers, and men have liked the jeans. Knitwear and knitted collared shirts have also been well received. The clothes have many good details that improve usability. The campaign collection is really nice. Susanna describes the smoothness of the collaboration: "Siina has an active and solution-oriented approach. She always listens to wishes and immediately starts investigating and working on things. Se also actively offers new suggestions all the time. At the moment, we are looking for a slightly longer cardigan for women".

Siina is also excited about the Specsavers project and describes her feelings: "The project has been interesting and inspiring from the beginning. It's great to see how the values ​​and responsibility of Image Wear and Specsavers align. The collaboration with Susanna and the entire Specsavers team has been seamless and nice . Communication is always easy and uncomplicated. Specsavers has a really great team!”