StaffPoint - StaffChef chefs' clothes get a fresh update

StaffPoint StaffChef chefs' work clothes ImageWear

Photos: StaffPoint

The StaffPoint group, as a major recruitment house, makes discoveries in working life. This is not only about connecting employees with employers, but also about improving employee's working conditions. One of the discoveries is the close and smooth cooperation with Image Wear. Image Wear was selected as a supplier for several reasons, such as its Finnish origin, its operating principles, its high-quality and durable products, and its excellent embroidery possibilities.

"In StaffPoint's HoReCa sector, workwear has been needed for various trainings and training programs in the restaurant industry. For the StaffChef training program, we acquired work shoes, headgear, chef jackets, trousers and aprons from Image Wear," says Lila Hamberg, StaffPoint's training coordinator.

Appreciation for employees is also reflected in the workwear

StaffPoint StaffChef work clothes Image Wear

Success is built on significance. "For StaffPoint, significance means helping others. Appreciation for employees is reflected, among other things, in the workwear we offer. The collection was updated by ordering workwear for each trainee in the new training program. This ensured that everyone had the necessary workwear immediately when moving to the workplace and training sessions. In addition, all our gigging employee customers have been able to purchase professional footwear and workwear at contract discounts from Image Wear," Hamberg describes the renewal of the collection.

The design and renewal the work clothes went smoothly with Image Wear providing flexible, prompt, and helpful service. Offers were received well in advance, orders were always handled on time, and clear instructions were provided to users. Additionally, all clothing could be tried on before ordering, which made it easier to choose the size.

StaffChef chefs are happy with the new collection

Users have given positive feedback on the clothes of the new collection. They are praised for their durability and ease of cleaning. Especially the shoes are praised for their interchangeable, removable and washable insoles, which makes the employees jump for joy!

StaffPoint StaffChef chefs' work clothes Image Wear

"We, at StaffPoint, want to be an open-minded reformer of working life, and a fixer of grievances. Image Wear's vision of Better working days, matches perfectly with StaffPoint's vision of Working life as it should be ," sums up Lila Hamberg.