Laatutakuu chain's work clothes stand out

For a quality guarantee, work clothes must be durable, clean and suitable for the job. All products are marked with the quality guarantee logo. Image Wear has been making work clothes for Laatutakuu for more than ten years.

Photos: Laatutakuu / Kari Ylitalo

Suomen Laatutakuu Palvelut Oy is a nationwide company specializing in cleaning and property maintenance franchising. The company was founded in 1993. Laatutakuu offers high-quality cleaning and property maintenance services, especially for small and medium-sized companies and residential properties.

Laatutakuu chain includes nearly 120 efficient and motivated professionals who operate as independent Laatutakuu entrepreneurs in more than 50 locations.

Laatutakuu customer promise: "Own entrepreneur who provides high-quality service and stands out"

One way in which entrepreneurs stand out is neat and presentable clothing. Laatutakuu and Image Wear have been working together for over ten years, ensuring entrepreneurs neat and comfortable work clothes aimed at the service industry. Laatutakuu entrepreneurs and their employees wear official work clothes designed with Image Wear both when visiting customer sites and when working.

Work clothes must always be suitable for the job. Together with the quality guarantee, we have tried to design work clothes in such a way that they function at work with flexibility and durability.

A wide selection of official work clothes

Laatutakuu created a new look for work clothes in cooperation with Image Wear. At the same time, among other things, the much-used black colour was added to the clothes. The selection of official work clothes includes several different shirts, vests, fleeces and trousers. The trousers are black and the shirts are either black, white or grey. The upper body clothes always have the Laatutakuu logo.

New products are added to the selection every year. "We are in regular contact. Image Wear actively offers new products and organizes campaigns for entrepreneurs. The cooperation has been active and good on both sides," says Anu Saarinen, regional manager of Laatutakuu's cleaning sector in Helsinki.

Quality guaranteed work clothes can withstand use. Quality assurance and Image Wear have been cooperating for more than 10 years.

The jobs require high-quality and durable clothing

The clothes are practical and comfortable and look neat. The job description has been taken into account in the design and selection of clothes. The clothes are suitable for all body types and even for hard use.

Entrepreneurs in the cleaning and real estate industry have especially praised the quality and durability of the clothes. When doing physical work, the clothes must withstand heavy use, so it is important for entrepreneurs to be able to trust their durability and functionality. The vests in particular have received a lot of praise - they are well made and durable and keep their size despite heavy wear. Another favourite among entrepreneurs has been the Image Wear leggings.

The old work clothes are used as "major clean-up" clothes and thus become used until the end.