Ratikka in Tampere

Ratikka in Tampere and the related workwear shimmer in the same colours. 

The trams and workwear of Ratikka in Tampere have a coordinated colour scheme: red and black with white highlights. Designs of this collection proceeded from the VR workwear. Both collections were designed and executed in cooperation with Image Wear Oy. 

The lessons learned in VR workwear renewal were utilized with Ratikka 

The workwear of VR train personnel was renewed only a few years earlier, so in designing the collection of Ratikka it was possible to utilize the feedback and improvement suggestions from the user survey. In both collections, the focus is on the same characteristics: comfort, fit, practicality and durability. 

"We had a recent experience in workwear renewal, so in Ratikka we utilized the lessons learned - this also saved time. There are many similarities between the work on a tram and on a train, the work environments are similar, so we already had a basic understanding, for example, regarding the characteristics and functionality of the clothes. Some of the garments are exactly the same as on trains, such as black trousers. And naturally, the workwear of Ratikka in Tampere feature Ratikka colors: red and black," says project manager Vesa Rauhala, who is responsible for Ratikka at VR. 

Garments for workdays and festive occasions 

Ratikka workwear includes black trousers with thigh pockets, familiar from the VR collection, as well as a red and black polo shirt, belt, safety shoes and a black light jacket with reflective strips. The polo shirt is available both in a short-sleeved and long-sleeved version. A yellow safety jacket ensures safety when moving outdoors. 

Ratikka personnel also have an outfit for festive occasions, easily modified from the basic work attire. The polo shirt and the light jacket with zipper are replaced with a white shirt and a red sweater. Men's tie features a pattern familiar from Ratikka benches, designed by Laura Gröndahl, the designer of Tampere Ratikka pattern. 

In addition to the tie and belt, the collection includes other accessories: gloves and a scarf, as well as two types of headgear: a cap and a beanie.