Relaxed, fresh and modern collection 

In spring 2019, around 2200 VR employees received new workwear, as the uniforms of conductors, train drivers, waiters in restaurant cars and service personnel in ticket booths at stations were renewed. 

The project was launched already in 2016. In addition to the wishes and needs of the personnel, VR also surveyed the wishes of customers. The employees were involved throughout the designing stage and tested the functionality and durability of the clothes. 

The new workwear range has a relaxed and modern look. In the extensive renewal, special attention was paid to the practicality of the clothes. The new workwear stands out for its fit, comfort and durability in different working conditions. The clothes have a more uniform look, with the same fresh green colour repeating throughout the modern and relaxed collection. The new collection was developed in cooperation with Image Wear. 

The old workwear was recycled into secondary material 

With the introduction of the new workwear, the old workwear was no longer needed. VR recycled 100% of the old workwear, allocating it for various purposes. The majority of the clothes were used for the production of plastic granulate. The granulate, which is 100% recyclable, is used as a raw material of recycled composite products. 

The unused fabric left over from the old workwear collection was donated to Riihimäki Recycling Centre as material for their operations. Unused skirts and pants were donated to the Deaconess Foundation of Helsinki, where these are made available to those in need of emergency accommodation. 

- We wanted to recycle 100% of the old clothes and do it as environmental-friendly, responsible and transparent manner as possible. We have a lot of different materials, so we also chose different recycling options - for example, donation for charity was the wish of our employees, says service director Piia Tyynilä. 

A small part of the old shirts was turned into fabric bags in cooperation with Globe Hope, for the enjoyment of the customers and personnel of VR. Workwear models were also delivered to the Finnish Railway Museum. The Railway Museum also has models from other collections from previous years. 

Image Wear is collaborating with VR also in recycling.